Welcome to the Pre-School Parent Collaborative Group! 


This group is for parents, guardians, and children ages 3-5 that are interested in participating in a "pod" like community for the 2020/2021 year. 

Covid-19 has made a lot of us parents take a look at how we are going to maintain some form of normalcy for our pre-schoolers during this time. With social distancing and schools going primarily virtual, we now find ourselves looking for new and inventive ways to keep our children engaged, learning, and also building the social skills that they would normally acquire in a school setting.

By creating this group, we are hoping to do three main things.

1. Build a community of like-minded parents/guardians that are committed to the development of their child/children during this year.

2. Create fun classes and meet-ups virtually and open-air (outside) that allow our children to socialize safely and feel connected to other children.

3. Provide resources and recommendations for programs and events that will assist parents during this year.


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