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Nina McCrae


Arts without Boundaries

Nina McCrae is a native of Philadelphia, PA. During her adolescence she was very shy. Her parents wanted her to become more confident and social so they enrolled Nina into Freedom Theatre, a popular African American theatre arts school in Philadelphia, PA.

Nina found her passion for music and theatre, participating in many professional shows and showcases over her 15 years there. After high school, Nina wanted to continue her education in music and was accepted into Berklee College of Music with a World Tour Scholarship.

She found her passion working at the Cambridge YMCA where she started a musical theater club. Her gift of working with children and bringing out their best selves and talents was undeniable. Parents and teachers alike started to take notice. The popularity of the program grew quickly and 4 productions were completed while Nina ran the program until her relocation back to the Tri State area

She completed her studies with a Diploma in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music in 2012, returning home ready to make a difference in the Tri state area.

Currently, Nina is a teaching artist with The Kimmel Center and teaches vocal arts at local performing arts programs and organizations around the city.

This past summer she completed her position as Vocal Director for Philadelphia Parks and Recreations production of In the Heights.


Nina has a passion and commitment to the arts and bringing quality programming to youth and women in the Tri-State area. She desires to give all students the teaching she received which motivated her to become a performer and teacher of the arts. Her goal is to give every person who wants to experience quality arts programming the accessibility to it.

Creativity is Intelligence having fun! -Albert Einstein-

Arts without Boundaries,is a place to inspire, motivate and create.

We hope to use performing arts as a way to build confidence in children and teens that translates into the schools they attend, communities they are apart of and become leaders and innovators in whatever path they choose.


"What I found to be Nina’s best asset is her ability to utilize appropriate language and positive attitude to interact effectively with students. As a model of good behavior and creative innovation, she is in a league of her own."

Danielle Winrow / Dean / Sprout University School of the Arts

"Mrs.Nina has an awesome rapport with our students. She is able to motivate them to have confidence and achieve their individual goals."



Tiffany Hill / Director / Leaders and Legends Performing Arts Academy

"Nina is a wonderful teacher in and out of the classroom. She is a great team player with a wonderful skill set for any music program"


Mark Urmson / Director / Young Performers Theater Camp


We are a new organization with so many amazing programs and events coming up. To keep cost down and also provide quality programming and teachers, we rely on the support of those who believe in Arts without Boundaries and what we do.

A donation goes to help us keep programs running all year long and provides us with the resources to accept any child or teen who would like to be a part of the amazing community we are building.

If you would like to donate, please click the donate button. All donations are tax deductible.